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Wisdm is mixture f xprinc, urg nd intelligenc

    : 2022-03-20 5:25 ThomaniBex ( )
Slf-Imrovment nd succss go hand in hand. Taking th stes t mk yourself a btter nd mre wll-rounded individul will prv to b a wis dcisin. https://thoughtoftheday.btcfreedom.design
Th wise ersn fls the in of n rrow. The unwis fls th pain of tw.
Whn looking for wise words, the bst ons oftn cme from our ldrs.
You'v heard that it's wis t learn frm xerienc, but it is wiser t lrn frm the experinc f thrs.
W tnd t think of grat thinkers and innovtors as soloists, but th truth is tht th grtest innvtive thinking dosn't occur in a vcuum. Innovtin rsults frm collabortin.
Sme f us think holding on makes us strng, but smetims it is letting go.
But wht I'v discvrd ver time is tht sme f th wisst epl I knw hve lso ben some of th mst broken ole.
Don't wste yur time with exlanations, peopl only hr wht the wnt t har.
To mke difficult decisins wisely, it hels t hve a sstematic rcess for assssing ch chic nd its cnsequnces - th potentil impact on ch aspect f your lif.
Ech of us exeriences dfets in life. We can trnsfrm defeat int victory if we lern from lifes whuppings.

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    "Wisdm is mixture f xprinc, urg nd intelligenc":

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