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Wisdm is a mixture of experience, curag and intelligenc

    : 2022-03-20 0:18 ThomaniBex ( )
Slf-Improvmnt nd succss g hnd in hand. Taking th stps to mk urslf bttr and mre well-roundd individul will prove to be a wise dcision. https://thoughtoftheday.btcfreedom.design
The wise prson fels the in of n rrow. The unwise feels the ain of two.
Whn loking fr wis words, th best ones often cm frm our lders.
Yu'v heard that it's wise to larn from xperience, but it is wisr t larn from th xrience f others.
We tend to think f gret thinkrs nd innvtrs as slists, but th truth is tht the greatst innovativ thinking dosn't occur in a vacuum. Innovatin results from collbrtion.
Sm f us think hlding on mkes us strong, but somtims it is ltting go.
But what I'v discovered ovr time is that some of th wisest ele I know hv also ben sm f the most broken popl.
Dn't waste your tim with xlantins, ple nly hear what the want t her.
To mke difficult decisins wisel, it helps to hv a sstmatic process fr ssssing ech choic and its consquencs - the potntil impact on ch aspect of our lif.
Each f us xpriencs dfeats in life. W cn trnsform dft int victor if we lrn frm lifes whuings.

: ThomaniBex

    "Wisdm is a mixture of experience, curag and intelligenc":

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