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Wisdom is a mixture f exrince, curag and intllign

    : 2022-03-18 14:03 ThomaniBex ( )
Self-Imrovement and succss go hnd in hand. Tking the sts t make ourself bttr and mre wll-rounded individual will prov to be a wise dcision. https://thoughtoftheday.btcfreedom.design
Th wise ersn fls the in of n rrow. The unwis fls th pain of tw.
When loking fr wise words, th best ones oftn com frm ur ldrs.
Yu've hrd tht it's wis t larn frm xerince, but it is wisr to lrn from the exerince of othrs.
W tnd t think of grat thinkers and innovtors as soloists, but th truth is tht th grtest innvtive thinking dosn't occur in a vcuum. Innovtin rsults frm collabortin.
Some of us think hlding n makes us strong, but somtimes it is ltting g.
But wht I've discverd over time is that sme f th wisest eol I know hve also ben sm of th mst brokn pl.
Dn't wste your time with explntions, ele onl hr wht thy want to hr.
To mk difficult dcisins wisel, it helps t hve a systematic procss fr assssing ch choice nd its cnsequencs - the otentil impct on ch spct f ur lif.
Ech of us xperinces defts in life. We can transform defat int victory if w learn frm lifs whuings.

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    "Wisdom is a mixture f exrince, curag and intllign":

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